Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

we are 1 world human rigts fundation, USA-Hungary. leter contackt for mi, Europa balkan  union. we want to eat, all people can eat, drink, wash, and live in their own home. europa unio in 650 millio people, out of which 65 millio homeless, 200 millio people like the allas, 120 millio young girls prostitutes, because only 85% of the family, the rich man, the penzier bought the penny. the bait was not on a non-violent basis. we want ... normal europat. Trumpf elder, real man, we help. we will fight against racism against combat, exclusion, and anti-human horns.

as long as european, such outstanding people, have brought inhuman cormorants, there will be no werewolves and no scare, no weapons, no armed aggressors.

Stopp agrresio…...

we will continue to work with scouts if armed aggressors, looting the nepet, and no human rights, we want to order an army. We know rola, eat yoga, policeman mafia are scared, but they have no right to inhumane and bait. and the human rigths have to adhere to.


This mafia my áll ground and others funktion block. The mafia. Plüss yetz ill, my "fussgelenk" outmake lot of vírus tox. And if I ill, I dönt know eat, lokalle no give forint mi eat.
3 videó, 3 problem.      1, Europe women prostitucion. Őr frigid, or 200% bady amortization?      2. Problem, social mafia and police System. Ich good thinks machen, polizei mafia ausmake. www  Ich war 2 house, garage, fill girlfrends, autó, áll polizei mafia ruiniert, and jetz habe keine. Tox mich defekt drink... No stopp szadista mafia.dise 1 international kereskedelmi mafia, mit lokalle corrupt recht mafia, legal advisers, righters.    Dritte problem Europe lands lokalle mafia. This mafia; the problem is racism in Europe. The lawyer people are racist, animals. they, they think, billions, for other people, life, food, accommodation, no matter. university, sadistic animals. humanity, love, no sign. corrupt all, the jpg is not bad, only the lawyer animal, takes it out of it, 1-2, likes it, and the money that supports them protects people. for them, misery to Europe. there is a politician who wants good, but these local mafia, lawyer mafia, only ruin everything. they don't need society. they do not produce, profit, and profit, but they receive payment from the tax paid by others. like a homeless. only 1 homeless get one year 300 euro, a lawyer, get 3-15 million euros. 1 lawyer, eating 5000 homeless bread. and proudly proclaims, he pays tax, not much. yes, of course, get 3 million euros as a gift and pay 500 euro tax. while a factory worker or a peasant produces a product that is for sale and has an effective profit and pays tax on it. there is no need for them; these are the only ones that will lock in all the precious people. they are the majesty of the mafia, the 21st century, superlative patrons. money for women, no human feelings, look ridiculous, the man looks like a pig, a woman, a stone like a pig. 21st Century The tragedy of Europe, this sneaky, undemanding, righteous people. it is today, Europe, biggest, tragedy. 640 million people live in Europe, 65 million are homeless. 65 million 90 million lawyers, 30 million euros saved money, 2 swimming pool family houses ....... they are racist people.65 million people, to Europe, the biggest problem in winter, don't sleep, sleep somewhere. the lawyer animal, built for them, homeless accommodation. 50nm2 92 people, lusanne ch, France can not shower, England -10 Celsius, sleep on the street. the lawyer's problem during this time is already 2 years in Merced and has to be replaced because he is appointed to the golf club. it doesn't matter, the handicapped, vody alen, but the office, the armed guards, protects, and has an intrinsic property, a raging, flaming animal like Stalin or Hitler. Two lifetime crimes, or others, in rock, are already organizing a weekend golf party. he's on the line. 25 liters of original Scottish viscose, dancing girls for the solitary animal lawyer. there are pieces, the viscose, the dancing girl, everything. simple consumer item. they were created by the consumer society where they were judged by astronomical force. for others, misery. they were the mafia themselves. the 21st century, little Hitler.