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we will not let, the hand of the bears go alive, and destroy all the forests that are much more powerful than themselves, and I wear them.



the US elder, and US elder, wrapped up in the fib. that's what this man says. austria, because of an organized bunozo cigars, is looking for the police, and because a pig has sold it, it has been killed, and it folded the cola. can't go to Austria.
schweiz, could not buy a train ticket, which is an abnormal pool, 100 km, 100 chf, this is luxembourg 2 euro .... the policewriter disguises them, complains, there are no jokes or no ... no right.
In England, a prostitute swollen apolon was provocated by the time it was ripped off, the security gnats dwindled on the street, and in a free-to-air public, the insane policeman, because the security or the hero had been rushing against the subdue. what is this lurking, and I phoned before? it is not the policeman's mafia, or the security or mafia in europe, the sadistic, inhuman nazio subordinates. Enough.

in normetor, the policeman was tearing down the car, refusing to investigate, and then rushing to 600 euro because the ver was collapsing and wanting to rescue, the work of the primitive was not forced by 112 staff. they got an idiot. then the Hungarians or Nothing blinded their names, they beat them, and then 3x didkriminaltak, did not give him to eat, and traveled to the kennel, crouched, did not have a ticket, he was in the wine. we're not resting until they are all bustling. then wine. innocent, shit people.



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Ch - Secret

2019.07.17 21:59

Stopp. Amreswill ch, thurgau régión, genetic defekt Hitler grouppe, nochmail tox Tom. Tom face Und fizikális státus veszem slecht. Vitte sofőrt controlieren Essen, trinken produkte, amreswill, romanshorn. Fable

Zsoka - Europa parlament, plenaris bizottsag

2019.06.07 19:48

it would be very important to admit that Schweiz, and Austria and Austria, the national socialist and mafia, were living in densely populated areas, Tamas, chemical, and medicine, not allergenic, indulging in flow. it is ridiculous, but the comrades are hurting some kind of virus, which you will be sick of. yeah, if they don't swim, they don't do everything to tones, and they won't be in a sadistic terror.

Fedor kallman - Hungary-USA

2019.05.03 09:35

The "rechnung" for politik, for police, jurist doktors mafia Europe and hungary

Zoltán Mocsan - Wienna

2019.05.02 11:54

Zoltán Moczan 22 April in the Luxembourg; the LUXEMBOURP PARKET. BUILDED BLUEY POI. I found invoice extracts, a total of 2.5 million saved money, which was screened by the state and poor people, broken the believers. These are not Christian people, thief animals. They were organized on the neck of the population, many nurse and immigrant mafia, did not have lost money. To eat, they would give them the population. It should be excluded the Luxembourg priests and social organizations should be closed, the European Communities, the believers of the MAFIA, not religion or social. They did not give me, so I did not give me me, so I had not given me, so I had not given me, I had not given me to me did not go to me, I had to have given me to me was to have been to me, I had to have been given to me to another country.

Fedor kallman - Wienna

2019.05.02 08:32

(Artists, designers, scientists, filmmakers, some politicians, priests, teachers, part of industrial-agricultural workers) are positive, society is negative for parasites, criminals, and their official bodies. Unfortunately, complete health. Justice, full social sphere. While previous groups produce and the bank sphere is the national ancestor of 100%, the latter is 0%, but the latter swing 99%! Therefore, there is no new kindergarten school, library, culture house, social assistance, public utilities, because the latter group is afraid of everything and has written all civilizations and organizations. That's why there are 65 million homeless, misery and 400 euro wages in Eastern and Central Europe.

Police waste people, in the marshy, swampy, rural areas of Europe. they are usually pubs, and other primitive people, who live on the periphery of society, are not suitable for anything. Criminals, dirty, criminals, who are living in a hacking, theft, and other anti-social activities. they want information about you, more intelligent, highly educated people. it is somehow ridiculous, as if Mexico, its population is New York, its future, but the police seriously think the system is good. Of course, the Romanian prime ministers also believe in injustice, not Romania is the first and primary influential country of the union, but this serious man just smiles. they don't hurt them. the trouble, the poor, but intelligent man, the most dangerous, the police. they are in contact with them, with criminals, at the periphery of society. another big problem is the migration from which the mafia comes. Negro, other migrants, are in contact with banks, western unions, where they leak data, which is contrary to the bank's rules. the most dangerous criminals of our time, unfortunately, law enforcement agencies. the police are in contact with underworld groups, and there is also a stranger to oversee drug trafficking. In a city in Vienna, like a peach obamara exile, he graduated from 3 primary schools, not a Negro, but a Romanian Oláh gypsy, a local drug baron, who is sleeping on the enkplatz notslafstelle, and proud of something he has achieved in life, police support such people who , and anti-racist, genocide, or criminal. the aforementioned Romanian Oláh gypsy, under the name of ratyi gypsy, became famous in the underworld. Zoltan explores the financial situation of the swamp, the spion, and sells it to the underworld, the poisoning of the enemies of the population and the underworld is led by a policeman, called gravity 4G, because his mother was a prostitute, and Hitler's men were imposing friends. Hitler is the leader of the poisonous Gypsies, who no longer released the court after a small amount of money and corruption, because he squeezed the eyes of a 4-year-old girl who gave him inadequate information. and he got rid of a 5-year-old boy poisoned the day before the testimony. Hitler must be brought to justice, or simply, to go. this is the underworld and the police, they ruined everything

Laci - Luxembourg

2019.05.01 22:31

Gestern ín walferdingen luxembourg tox direkt lokalle mafia Tom. Krank magenta, fuss. Ettelbruck krakrnhause geld wilst. Wir anzeige dise mafia, aber gesundheute ground recht. Und sluss